Bruce Tether – UK~IRC Executive Committee

Professor Bruce Tether is Professor of Innovation Management and Strategy at Manchester Business School, the Research Director of Design London – a joint venture between Imperial College and the Royal College of Art (RCA), and a Fellow of the UK’s Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM).  He is also a member of the executive management board of the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC), and has served as a high-level expert to, amongst others, the European Commission (DG Enterprise), the UK Government’s Department of Business Innovation and Skills, and The Royal Society.

Bruce’s research interests concern the management and economics of design and innovation.  He has published a book on Design Inspired Innovation – over 20 refereed journal articles (mainly in leading journals such as Research Policy and Industrial and Corporate Change), 10 book chapters, and a number of substantial reports for the European Commission, UK Government and other bodies.  His current research concerns three themes: multidisciplinary collaborations involving design, engineering and business processes; design and innovation in, and of, services; and the evolution of architecture, design and engineering consultancies and their professions.

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