Business and the Third Mission

Event :  Business and the Third Mission

Date :  21/03/2012

This one day Seminar was part of the New Institutional Imperatives (nii) seminar series, that has been running since February 2011.

This event was co-sponsored by the UK~IRC.

Hear a summary of the views expressed on the day from the presenters who took part:

To hear the individual interviews in full with the presenters from the seminar please select from the speakers below (please note these are also large files, 8 to12 MB’s, and so they might take a while to download):

Alice Frost, Head of Business & Community, HEFCE

Professor John Goddard, Professor of Regional Development CURDS, Newcastle University

Professor Harvey Goldstein, Professor of Public Governance, MODUL University Vienna

Sarah Jackson, Director, N8 Research Partnership

Michael Kitson, Knowledge Hub Director, UK~IRC

Professor Ed Malecki, Professor of Geography, Ohio State University

Dr Markus Perkmann, Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College

The seminar examined whether stimulating the interface between universities and the private sector may have been the core of the Third Mission. Public policy almost perpetually seeks to promote the engagement of universities with businesses through programmes of knowledge transfer/exchange. Whether through commercialisation or collaboration, a core aim of the Third Mission has been to realise the ‘value’ of universities. This raises the question as to whether universities need to become more like businesses or whether they could have an alternative competitive advantage. This seminar covered themes relating to academic entrepreneurship, commercial collaboration, and the policy programmes and initiatives that aim to facilitate universities interfacing with the economy.

The seminar was split into 3 session themes:

  • Session: Third Mission in the UK: Changing contexts and institutional challenges
  • Session: International perspectives on engagement and impact
  • Session: Future agendas – emerging strategies and imperatives

A leaflet giving further details of the day is available here.

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