DRUID Academy Winter Conference 2012

Event : DRUID Academy Winter Conference 2012

Date :  19/01/2012

The UK~IRC were delighted to assist in the hosting of the DRUID Academy winter conference, in Cambridge, 19-21 January 2012. This was the first time that the winter conference  had been held outside of Denmark.

The conference is aimed at doctoral students in the area of Economics and Management of Innovation, Technology and Organizations.The conference is open for all PhD students working within the broad field of economics, entrepreneurship and management of innovation and organizational change.

Papers were invited from those who are aiming at enhancing our understanding of the dynamics of technological, structural and institutional change at the level of firms, industries, regions and nations. 

Only 62 papers were selected from the extensive entries. Students were encouraged to take every opportunity to ask questions and interact and network with with all of the attendees over the 3 days.

Ammon Salter, UK~IRC’s Research Director, delivered one of the keynote presentations entitled “Going Underground: Bootlegging and Individual Innovation Performance”. In addition to this there was strong support and participation from many of the UK~IRC team.

The conference was organized by the DRUID Academy for Doctoral Education and Training, with assistance from the UK~IRC.

Programs from previous conferences can be found at www.druid.dk.