Fourth Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Research Conference – Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development

Event :  Fourth Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Research Conference – Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development

Date :  30/09/2010

The conference provided a forum for interaction between researchers in entrepreneurship from all disciplinary backgrounds, and development professionals, economic development researchers and policy practitioners. The conference included papers on themes related to entrepreneurship, economic development and public policy, with submissions invited particularly on the following topics:

  • entrepreneurship dynamics in stages of economic development
  • development assistance and entrepreneurship projects
  • underdevelopment and entrepreneurship
  • economic liberalisation and entrepreneurship
  • international organisations and entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurship policy versus small business policy
  • global entrepreneurship and development indicators
  • influences on entrepreneurial behaviours in different economic and cultural contexts 


  • Thursday 30th September: Welcome Reception: 17.00 – 19.00
  • Friday 1st October: Full Day Conference: 09.00 – 17.30
  • Friday 1st October: Conference Dinner at the Science Museum – 19.30 – 22.30
  • Saturday 2nd October: Half Day Conference 08.30-15.00)

 This was a truly global event, with a focus on cross-national studies that illuminate policy issues in Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development by combining GEM data with other cross-national databases. Over the past few years there has been active discussion regarding the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in economic development across the World. Organisations such as the OECD are paying increasing attention to this issue, and development economists are becoming increasingly active in exploring the role of entrepreneurship in economic development. Half of the countries in the world are now either developing or transition countries from South America, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. The conference theme of Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development responds to this surge of interest.

This conference was co-sponsored by the UK~IRC, George Mason University, CESIS and the University of Strathclyde. For further information, a detailed programme and papers, please see the conference website

Impact of this event for the UK~IRC

The specialist GERC conference is a high-profile academic event attracting international researchers. Being the largest sponsor of this conference promoted the brand and the work of the UK~IRC amongst the delegates. Professor Erkko Autio is a designated UK~IRC researcher and his work is highly respected. Thus associating the UK~IRC with this conference was an excellent opportunity to broaden our knowledge base amongst senior entrepreneurship scholars. Additionally the GERC conference, now in its fourth iteration, is an ongoing series, like DRUID, which will be of future value to our research and knowledge exchange activities.