Event :  INNOVATE ’11

Date :  11/10/2011

Innovate is the annual Technology Strategy Board conference. 

The UK~IRC exhibited at the conference in the Innovation Gallery. 

The UK~IRC also hosted one of the breakout sessions in the afternoon. The session proved a popular choice as the room was full to capacity and as a result, unfortunately, some delegates had to be turned away.

The Topic was: ‘Open Innovation: Is it a good thing for your organisation’

Hosts & Facilitators: Andy Cosh, Joanne Zhang & Letizia Mortara

The session was run on a very interactive basis and the audience all contributed well to the session, as they were asked to move around the room.
There were three main points covered:

  • What is Open Innovation and who’s doing it?
  • The role of Open Innovation intermediaries
  • Policies for Open Innovation
Copies of the Open Innovation report were available from the stand for attendees to the session.