Research findings from the largest survey of academics in the UK

Event :  Research findings from the largest survey of academics in the UK

Date :  20/10/2009

The UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) launched the results of its research on how British academics interact with businesses and other sectors of the economy. Research was presented by UKIRC Director Alan Hughes and Knowledge Hub Director Michael Kitson, followed by discussion.

The results are from the largest survey of academics undertaken in the UK – with over 20,000 respondents. The research shows that although there is significant interaction between the science base and business, there are also significant ‘hidden’ interactions encompassing a range of other academic disciplines.

The research shows that links between business and academia is not just about ‘technology transfer’ but involves a broader process that its best encapsulated as ‘knowledge exchange’. Very few academics are involved with creating spin-outs, licenses or patents, instead the most frequent forms of knowledge exchange involve informal advice, joint publications, consultancy and a wide range of people based activities (such as involvement in networks and employee training).

The research also reveals the significant interactions involving the third and public sectors.

 The event took place at Nesta’s offices in London

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