The Pursuit of Innovation – Inaugural Lecture

Event :  The Pursuit of Innovation – Inaugural Lecture

Date :  10/03/2011

Ammon Salter is Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at Imperial College Business School. He gave his Inaugural Lecture on Thursday 10th March 2011 at Imperial entitled The Pursuit of Innovation. The lecture attracted over 100 people from academia, business and policy communities, to hear Professor Salter discuss the history, development and future of innovation scholarship, as well as focusing on his own area of interest, open innovation.

An introduction was given by Professor David Begg, Principal of Imperial College Business School and Deputy Rector (Research), in which he congratulated Ammon on his achievements, nutured within the Business School. After the talk, Professor David Gann, Head of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group, gave a warm vote of thanks, joking that the many questions raised in the talk would provide at least two decades of future research for the group.

More information and a video of the talk are now available on the Imperial College London website.

To find out more about Ammon’s work see the Distributed Innovation Project page and his Research Spotlight Interview 

Talk Abstract:

The search for the source of innovation is the pursuit of an economic ‘holy grail’ – an eternal fount of valuable new products, processes and services. To find this source, many organisations are moving towards a more interactive, networked and open approach to innovation that creates multiple pathways of exchange between themselves and the external world. These new models have profound implications for how individuals and businesses innovate. For individuals, these new models may shift their role from being the creator of valuable new knowledge, to being a broker, who mobilizes the knowledge of others. For businesses, it requires a re-imagining of the innovation process, developing the ability to orchestrate multiple partners. Yet, such efforts face many challenges – legal, managerial, and personal. Drawing on the lessons of research, this lecture will unpack the changing nature of the search for innovation and its implications for society.