UK~IRC Annual Innovation Summit 2010

Event :  UK~IRC Annual Innovation Summit 2010

Date :  07/12/2010

The topic for this years UK~IRC’s annual conference was “Re-thinking the Impact:Private and Public R&D in an age of austerity”.
This one day Summit was intended to draw on international and public and private sector experience of best practice methodologies and practices adopted in the public and private sectors in attempting to assess the impact of innovation activities, including research expenditure and accessing external knowledge.
Attention was also be paid to the similar range of problems faced in this area by major charitable and third sector funders who have major investments in support of research.
Interviews were conducted with some of the presenters following their presentations and a summary of these can be heard here.
Links to the full interviews are below – please note that these are large file (around 10MB) and may take some time to download.