UK~IRC Innovation Summit 2012 – Creative Industries & Vibrant Places

Event :  UK~IRC Innovation Summit 2012 – Creative Industries & Vibrant Places

Date :  30/11/2012

The title for this years’ Summit was: “Enhancing Creative Industries, Innovation & Vibrant Regions”. The interest in this area was twofold: firstly, as and when it recovers, it is widely recognised that the UK economy will need to be better balanced, both sectorally and geographically. In the recent past it simply became over reliant on financial services based primarily in the City of London, something that the recent Heseltine Report makes clear.

Secondly, understanding of innovation needs to broaden, from a relatively narrow concern with science and technology, and research and development, to other forms and drivers of change.  We are therefore especially interested in how creativity, culture and the arts can influence economic performance and the quality of life to develop innovations and innovations and enhance the vibrancy of regions

The conference also looked to focus on the creative industries which have been identified as vital for future economic growth.

The Summit examined the key drivers of innovation and new forms of business models in creative industries.

Consideration was also given to how the cultural sector can contribute to vibrant places helping to create local ‘buzz’, which helps to attract skilled labour and high-growth businesses.

 A summary report of the proceedings can also be downloaded here.