Spotlight on the Innovation Summit


We speak to the events team about the annual Innovation Summit held in December 2010.

Q. What is the UKIRC Innovation Summit?

The Innovation Summit is a major conference run each year by the UK~IRC which  showcases the latest research, highlights future challenges and looks to lessons from abroad. The Summit engages with policy-makers, academics and the business community to challenge, stimulate and catalyze thinking about innovation and policy.

Q. How does the theme reflect UKIRC work/issues?

The UK~IRC helps to set the intellectual agenda for innovation policy, drawing together lessons from current issues and leading edge practice in the public and private sectors from around the world. In keeping with this the theme, this year’s Summit draws on international and public and private sector experience of best practice methodologies and approaches to assess the impact of innovation activities, including research expenditure and accessing external knowledge. Attention will also be paid to the similar range of problems faced in this area by major charitable and third sector funders who have major investments in support of research.

Q. Why is it important to engage with academic/industry/policy audiences?

The UK~IRC engages with all areas of the community including researchers, policy makers and practioners who are committed to the co-production of knowledge to make a significant impact on policy and practice. The Centre is developing a constructive, systematic dialogue between research and policy and this interactive forum is  part of this process.

Q. What will the Summit achieve ?

The Summit will harness the expertise of all stakeholders to help influence future research programmes and, in turn, impact on policy and business practice.

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