Spotlight on Web Redesign

Research Spotlight on Our New-Look Website

The Knowledge Hub team discuss the new UK~IRC website:

Q. Why has the UK~IRC launched a new-look website?
 In order to better demonstrate the range of UK~IRC research and activities, we decided to redesign the front page of the website. This created a fresher, more innovative feel, rearranging the content to make it more user-friendly and providing a platform to promote the UK~IRC brand. We also needed to create changeable areas to update users on our latest news and events.
Q. Are there any new features?
We’ve added several new features to the home page to improve navigation such as the drop down menus showing the subpages of the site. Now you can see the information available without leaving the home page. We’ve also added a ‘Highlight’ box so we can let you know about any new reports or activities in a little more detail.
We’ve also improved the look of some of the permanent information, including our Twitter box, where you can now see out latest Tweet on the UK~IRC homepage and a button to sign-up for our newsletter.

Q. Why is it important to communicate UK~IRC activities through the website?

 The Knowledge Hub has a clear remit to promote UK~IRC research and facilitate exchange between academic, industry and policy communities. As well as running events, releasing reports and podcast, the website is a key channel of communication, and one of the simplest and most immediate ways of promoting out work. As the UK~IRC enters its third year more outputs will emerge from our research projects, a clear website will help our work have the maximum impact on policy and practice.
Q. Are there plans to make any further changes?
The look and feel of the website will now remain but we will continue to add new content as information emerges. We’ll shortly be adding more information to our research pages to update you on the various projects, and we’ll continue to list news, events, podcast and reports as they are produced.