Innovation Research Initiative Projects

The Innovation Research Initiative led to the establishment of the UK~IRC. Since then the Innovation Research Initiative has also instigated:

The second wave of distributed projects, which started work on 1 January 2012 and run until 31 December 2013.

The three projects are:

Also see the University Project page.


There were 9 initial research projects launched in August 2009, with durations ranging from six to eighteen months :

  • 3 substantive research projects
  • 6 exploratory research projects.

All of the projects met in October 2009 to exchange information about their fields of study. A summary of this meeting is available as a podcast below.


(please note this file is large, 13MB).

The project groups met again on the 18th January 2011 to give an update on the progress of their research.

For further details on these projects please select from the titles below: