The Foresight Programme

Chaired by the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP the Lead Expert Group (LEG) of eminent academic and private sector experts from a range of disciplines works alongside the Department of Business and Skills Foresight team to help guide the project and secure a strong evidence base. The Group aims to take a long term and strategic look at manufacturing out as far as 2050.
Alan Hughes, UK~IRC Director, was a member of the Lead Expert Group for the Foresight Programme on the Future of UK Manufacturing.
The programme produced a main project report (Foresight_Future_Manufacturing_Report), along with a summary version.



Download an eBook of ‘The Future of Manufacturing‘. To access the eBook you must have a relevant eBook reader installed on your device / machine:

The Future of Manufacturing – MOBI Version

The Future of Manufacturing – ePub Version

There is also a PDF version available.

There were nearly forty contributing papers produced as part of this programme and four papers of these papers were by  UK~IRC teams members, these were:

Industrial Policy for the medium to long-term
by Professor Nicholas Crafts,University of Warwick and Professor Alan Hughes, University of Cambridge

Short-termism, impatient capital and finance for manufacturing innovation in the UK
by Professor Alan Hughes, University of Cambridge

Knowledge spillovers and sources of knowledge in the manufacturing sector: literature review and empirical evidence for the UK
by Dr Elif Bascavusoglu Moreau, University of Cambridge, and Dr Quian Cher Li, University of Nottingham

Update of prospects for the UK balance of payments
by Professor Kenneth Coutts and Professor Robert Rowthorn both University of Cambridge 

De-industrialisation and the balance of payments in advanced economies
by Professor Robert Rowthorn & Professor Kenneth Coutts, both University of Cambridge 

Re-industrialisation – a commentary
by Professor Robert Rowthorn & Professor Kenneth Coutts, both University of Cambridge 

International industrial policy experiences and the Lessons for the UK
by Professor Ha-Joon Chang, Dr Antonio Andreoni & Ming Leong Kuan, University of Cambridge

The legal framework governing business firms and its implications for manufacturing scale and performance: The UK experience in international perspective
by Professor Simon Deakin, University of Cambridge