Impact on Firms

What we do

The research produced by the UK~IRC has a direct bearing on how firms will innovate in the future. We provide advice to policy-makers who will regulate the development of industries. Our research projects include service innovation at the sector level, and business practices and open innovation, which will provide relevant insight into how firms innovate and opportunities for best practice.   

Our networks ensure that the latest academic knowledge is applied to real-world issues for the benefit of government and industry. We use our Knowledge Hub to engage with firms and disseminate our research findings and to interact more closely with the needs and ideas which firms have for development, for example through presentation at the US Industry Fellows Forum.

Each of our research projects has a clear industrial engagement remit and during their remaining lifespan will seek to extend their findings by working with firms in the relevant sector. If you are interested in working with us, please contact the UK~IRC team

Our Recent Achievements

innovation summit

On 25th Novermber 2011 we hosted our annual Innovation Summit conference, this year co-organised with IBM, we focus on our engagement with firms and how companies use innovation to grow their business. Speakers include Pfizer, Microsoft, Arup, IBM, GSK and Vestas.

open inn andy

We have analysed the relationship between open innovation and company performance, surveying 1200 UK manufacturing and business services firms and published the Open Innovation Practices – What is British Enterprise Doing? report.


Our services project has developed links with practitioners undertaking analyses of engineering consultancies and the architectural industry. We also analysed the design industry on behalf of BIS and IP in service industries for the IPO.