Impact on Policy

Impact on Policy

Co-funded by BIS, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the National Endownment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), one of our core research projects examines the Evidence Base for Innovation Policy and results from this, and all our research, are disseminated to policy-makers via our Hub.

Our Recent Achievements 

Most recently UK~IRC Researcher, David Gann, hosted Vince Cable at Imperial College Business School where he launched the government’s industry and growth strategy.  


Several of our papers were cited in the Coalition Government’sInnovation and Research Strategy for Growth. The accompanying Economics paper,co-authored by Keith Smith, thanks Professors Alan Hughes, Ammon Salter and David Gann, and acknowledges the UK~IRC Innovation Policy workshop as being ‘extremely helpful in shaping the agenda of the work.’

We are partnering the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) to examine the value of publicly-funded research to the UK economy. This has led to three task force reports, the latest launched in October 2012, and several high-profile policy and academic presentations.

We have held consultation meetings with leading government officials, including a round-table discussion with David Willets  and meetings with Vince Cable and Martin Donnelly. We participated in policy events with BIS, the European Commission and European Parliament.


Other Impacts


Reports for the Intellectual Property Office on ‘The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in the UK Market Sector,’ and ‘Film, Television & Radio, Books, Music and Art: UK Investment in Artisitic Originals’, co-authored by Jonathan Haskel

Our work has been frequently  cited in Ministerial speeches including David Willetts’s discussion on proposed changes to the Research Excellence Framework and the UK’s Science Base at the Royal Institution. In addtion, our work on University-Industry collaboration was evidenced in the Coaltion’s Spending Review.

Professor Salter published his AIM-UK~IRC reportThe Republic of Engagement examining University-Industry engagement. This report was subsequently cited by RCUK in their Research for the our Future report, Professor Salter and Professor Haskel provided accompanying video interviews, and another iteration of this work was featured in the Financial Times.

We also worked with BIS to co-host Norway’s Fagerberg Committee and provided a briefing meeting on research policy in the UK. The Committee have been tasked with assessing the value of publicly funded research, and seeking examples of best practice from other countries.

A Briefing meeting was held with the OECD which led to the their own Innovation Strategy and we submitted evidence to HM Treasury and BIS during a consultation exercise on financing a private sector recovery.


Each year we host an annual Innovation Summit examining a key issue affecting policy and practice in the UK. In 2010 the  Innovation Summit discussing definitions of impact and how it can be measured, and in 2011 the Innovation Summit engaged with industry and policy communities to look at using innovation to grow businesses.

We promote our work through the Knowledge Exchange Hub which creates a dialogue between research and policy, and is the means to promote our research through its publications and events programme. The Hub is a forum for interaction, discussion and best practice. To view all our latest reports, see our Publications pages.

In addition several of our researchers have on-going collaborations with government agencies, both here in the UK and internationally. Professor Alan Hughes, Director of the UK~IRC, has provided policy advice and consultancy to HM Treasury, HM Inland Revenue, the DTI, DfES, the Bank of England, the National Consumer Council and the UN World Institute for Development Economic Research. Research Director, Professor Ammon Salter is a member of the EU Commission’s Panel on the Measurement of Innovation, whilst Dr Keith Smith is on secondment to BIS as Head of Innovation Analysis. We have also given evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.