What is the UK-IRC

A short video explaining who the UK-IRC are, and what we do.


The UK~IRC’s research programme looks to advance the understanding of innovation in services, consider the evolution of policy, and facilitate a synthesis between innovation scholarship and policy-making in the UK. Professor Ammon Salter, Director of Research, outlines the UK~IRC’s research agenda as: ‘The UK Innovation Research Centre explores the relationship between innovation and business performance and how this affects the national economy and the individual organisation.


The research work feeds both innovation policy and practice in various ways. As well as helping companies open-up to new forms of collaboration, it can provide policy-makers with new instruments and strategies to promote innovation and knowledge exchange. The work of the UK~IRC is communicated on variety of online channels, via conferences and events that the research team attends and through a wide variety of publications.


An overview report on the research carried out by the UK~IRC can be downloaded HERE.