Bruce Tether – Profiting from Service Innovation Conference

Report Title: Bruce Tether – Profiting from Service Innovation Conference

Published: 09/10/13

Author: Bruce Tether

This one day conference on ‘Profiting from Service Innovation’ was held  on 9 October 2013, at Imperial College, London.

It asked the questions:
How do knowledge-intensive service firms capture value from innovation?  
What relevance do different forms of Intellectual Property (IP) and knowledge capture have here – formal methods (e.g. patents, trademarks and copyrights), contractual agreements
(e.g. confidentiality agreements and employment contracts) and strategic methods (e.g. secrecy and lead time advantages)?   
The conference also looked to explore the following issues:
  • Profiting from innovation and intellectual property: This session will explore if and how the so-called “peculiarities” of services affect the ways in which firms use formal, contractual and strategic means to protect and capture value from their IP.  
  • Challenges of open innovation business models: How can we understand the various forms and configurations of collaborative relationships with suppliers, customers, competitors, universities, consultants or research labs during the innovation process?  What are the challenges faced by each of these partners?
  • Capturing value from IP in different IP regimes:  The aim of this session is to identify and discuss differences in IP regimes in different jurisdictions, including the United States, which take a more favourable stance to the legal protection of IP (especially in relation to business method and software patenting) than others, such as in Europe.
The conference was jointly organised by The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) of the University of Manchester, the University of Bath School of Management and the UK~IRC.

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