Business Interactions Workshop

Event :  Business Interactions Workshop

Date :  02/11/09

Podcast: Tim Minshall
Tim Minshall is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Centre for Technology management and coordinator of the Technology Enterprise Group. His research and teaching interests are focused on open innovation, funding of innovation and university-industry technology transfer. Tim says collaboration and trust in people is key to technology transfer’s successful project management. He says collaborative projects can work on a “formal” and an “informal” level and closeness to your partners is important too.


Podcast: Ammon Salter
Ammon Salter is a Reader and co-Director of the Innovation Studies Centre at Judge Business School. He is also a Fellow of the Advance Institute of Management Research (AIM). He has published over 20 refereed journal articles and three books, including “The Management of Technological Innovation” and “Think, Play, Do: Technology, Innovation, and Organization” co-authored with Mark Dogson and David Gann. Dr Salter believes trust is the key to success between university-industry collaboration and that the barriers to successful working practices can be overcome if each side respects the other. 


Podcast: Alan Hughes
Alan Hughes is Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies at Judge Business School, Director of the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge and Director of the UK Innovation Research Centre, a joint venture between Cambridge and Imperial College London. He is also a member of the Council for Science and Technology which is the UK’s senior policy advisory body in this area. Professor Hughes has looked at the role of universities in innovation and how knowledge exchange patterns between universities and science work in practice. The relationships, he says, work on both a formal and an informal basis and there is no one size solution to all collaborative partnerships.


Podcast: Jeff Patmore
Jeff Patmore is Head of University Research for BT Group. An engineer with over 30 years experience in communications and technology, Jeff currently leads the “Strategy University Research Programme”, heading the development and management of research relationships between BT and Universities, institutions and Business Schools worldwide. He says, he keeps all doors open to university academics to hear diverse views on our futures, including philosophers, and that he relies on his team mates within BT to show him where the World is going.


Podcast: Ursula Kelly
Ursula Kelly is Assistant Director in the Information Resources Directorate of the University of Strathclyde. She has over 21 years experience working in and with higher education institutions in the UK internationally. She is currently joint coordinator of a ESRC-HE funding council research initiative into the impact of higher education institutions on regional economies. She feels that measuring “outputs” and “outcomes” of higher education research is essential for the health of the sector and the economy more generally. Ursula says measurement is a task that needs to be undertaken with enthusiasm.


Podcast: Robert Huggins
Robert Huggins is Professor of Management and Policy and Director of the Centre for International Competitiveness at the Cardiff School of Management, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Robert is the co-founder of the World Knowledge competitiveness Index and is the founder on the European Competitiveness Index and the UK Competitiveness Index. He is an economic development specialist of international standing. He says poorer regions are more dependent on their universities economically, but that it is not good for a region to become overly dependent on its University sector.

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