European Knowledge Sharing Event on R&D Capitalisation – Day 2

Report Title: European Knowledge Sharing Event on R&D Capitalisation – Day 2

Published: 25/01/13


This event aimed to progress the on-going work to capitalise R&D in European countries, helping to ensure the production of good quality, internationally comparable statistics for inclusion in the National Accounts from 2014 onwards.

Co-organised by the ONS and UK~IRC, this 2-day conference was held at Imperial College London on 17 and 18 December. The links below take you to a video of the day 1 sessions:

  • 18 December 2012: Session 5 & 6: Service lives and depreciation of R&D assets; International trade in R&D services (including intra-enterprise R&D); Ownership of R&D/ Flows of R&D between Sectors; R&D in the Public Sector – Including Delimitation and Issues for Key Aggregates; Deflators for R&D – including alternative input-based deflators; Evaluation of Estimates    
  • 18 December 2012: Session 7 and conclusions: Integration in the SUIO framework (including sub-contracting and recording in the SUTs); Presentation in the integreated economic accounts; Main messages, lessons and ideas; Final sum-up