Summary podcast for the UK~IRC’s 2012 Innovation Summit

Report Title: Summary podcast for the UK~IRC’s 2012 Innovation Summit

Published: 09/01/13

Author: Geoffrey Crossick, Stephen Hodder, Michael Kitson, Rashik Parmar, Bill Thompson

his years’ Summit title was: “Enhancing Creative Industries, Innovation & Vibrant Regions”. The presentations and discussions looked at how creativity, culture and the arts can influence economic performance and the quality of life to develop innovations and innovations and enhance the vibrancy of regions.
This podcast is a collection of interviews with some of the presenters at the Summit, including:
– Geoffrey Crossick, Director AHRC Cultural Value project 
– Stephen Hodder, President Elect of the Royal Institute of British Architects 
– Michael Kitson, UK~IRC 
– Rashik Parmar, IBM
– Bill Thompson, BBC