Papers from the “University ~ Business Interactions” Workshop

Report Title: Papers from the “University ~ Business Interactions” Workshop

Published: 04/06/2009


Where available papers and presentations can be downloaded here. Please do not quote without first obtaining permission from the author.

The View from a “Customer”
Bill Baxter
Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Ltd

Universities, Agglomerations and Graduate Human Capital Mobility
Alessandra Faggian
University of Southampton

The View from an Incubator
David Gill
St John’s Innovation Centre

University-Industry Networks, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer: A Demand-Led Perspective
Jeremy Howells
University of Manchester

A Regional Perspective on University-Industry Interaction
Robert Huggins
University of Wales

What Academics and Businesses want from Knowledge Exchange: The Case of the UK
Alan Hughes

Outputs and Outcomes: quantifying higher education institutional impact
Ursula Kelly
Strathclyde University

The Movement of Talent: Migration patterns among UK graduates and implications for regional economic disparities
Michael Kitson

University~Business Interactions: Measuring value added
Dominique Kleyn
Imperial College

Creating the climate for Innovation
Jack Lang
University of Cambridge

How universities can influence business, innovation and competitiveness: The changing roles of universities within ‘open innovation’
Tim Minshall
University of Cambridge

Beyond the conventional models of University/Business Interaction
Jeff Patmore
BT Group

The collaborative university
Markus Perkmann
Imperial College London

The changing nature of barriers to university-industry collaboration in the UK
Ammon Salter

The Search for Talent and Technology: Examining the attitudes of EPSRC industrial collaborations towards universities
Ammon Salter

Evaluating HEIF: Assessing Cultural, Economic and Social Impacts
Tomas Ulrichsen